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Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits Proven Effective to Quit Smoking

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Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits Proven Effective to Quit Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Trial Kits Can Help Quit Smoking

(PRWEB) July 16, 2012

Joyce Bunker Strasburg from Colorado says, “I have been smoking for over 20 years. I knew patches or gums would not help me kick the habit and help me quit smoking. The health issues associated with smoking were a huge concern of mine and with the constant rise in cigarette costs, it was time to quit! It was not until I heard of electronic cigarettes. After doing research on the internet, I knew this was my solution to quitting smoking. My only regret is that I didn’t hear about this product sooner.

Click Here To Get A Free E Cig Trial Kit – The Most Effective & Easy Way To Quit Smoking

Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes are widely considered as the best option to quit smoking. E cigarettes have revolutionized the industry by allowing smokers to get the same taste and feeling of a real tobacco cigarette without having to bear the consequences of its numerous health issues. The greatest challenge faced by smokers when attempting to quit smoking is to find a way to curb the addiction and withdrawal syndrome – the after-effects of quitting smoking. E cigarette is the most effective smoking cessation tool to help you override the most challenging transitioning period from being a smoker to non-smoker.

According to a recent study by Dr. Siegel, professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University of Public Health suggests that electric cigarettes significantly cut down the user’s exposure to a wide range of chemicals in tobacco smoke. The few chemicals for which exposure remains are at levels well below that of cigarette smoking.

“My sense is that in the long run, electronic cigarettes that use glycerin as an excipient may become the standard,” said Siegel. “Using glycerin would probably avoid the production of most of the volatile organic compounds detected in this study, and would also alleviate any concerns about respiratory irritation.”

Studies revolving around the health benefits of smokeless cigarettes over conventional cigarettes reported to have confirmed that the number of carcinogens is exponentially reduced in smokeless cigarettes.

Vapor cigarettes also reduce a smoker’s exposure to dangerous chemical compounds, thereby reducing the risks of cancer associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Smokers who are curious about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes can receive a free trial starter kit by visiting which has also organized the best electronic cigarette reviews and other information about e cigarettes, as well as links to some of the most popular manufacturers.

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